Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can I do to reduce the cost of my insurance?

A: You may wish to combine your home and auto insurance with the same insurer as many insurers offer multi-policy discounts. Although most insurers offer discounts, these can vary from company to company. It may be beneficial to review your policies with your Broker to see what discounts are available to you and what other options there are to possibly reduce your premium.

Habitational (Home, Tenant, Condo) policies may qualify for monitored alarm, mortgage free, loyalty, new home, claims free and occupational discounts. You may also want to increase your deductible.

Automobile policy premiums can be reduced by increasing the deductibles, deleting physical damage coverage if the vehicle is older and reviewing the use of your vehicle with your broker…..have you recently retired? What is your commute distance to work? Is your vehicle driven for pleasure use only?

Q: I will be away this winter, what are my responsibilities to ensure I meet the requirements of the policy?

A: In the heating season in particular, your home must be checked daily by a responsible adult OR you can shut off the main water valve in the residence and drain the toilets before departing. Most people believe that having your property checked every 72 to 96 hours is sufficient but this is not true and your coverage could be compromised if the underwriting rules are not met. So please check with your Broker if in doubt. In addition, have someone pickup fliers and shovel walks to give the impression someone is home.

Q: If my dwelling is going to be vacant what do I do?

A: It is a requirement under all insurance policies that you must notify the insurer of any ‘change in risk’. For this reason, it is advisable to contact your Broker to advise of the change; failure to do so may compromise your coverage. If your dwelling is vacant for more than 30 consecutive days a ‘vacancy permit’ must be added. Coverage on vacant properties is significantly restrictive (i.e. fire and windstorm would be covered but vandalism and water damage would not).

Q: I am moving to Alberta, what information do I need to obtain insurance and register my vehicle in your province?

A: The policy number and name of the insurer that previously insured your home will assist in opening a new habitational policy here in Alberta. With respect to your auto insurance you should contact your previous provincial auto insurance carrier to obtain a driver abstract and insurance claims experience letter (see Provincial Contact Numbers below). These documents are required before Alberta auto insurance can be provided.

Registering your vehicle continued...

Upon obtaining your auto insurance you will have to go to a registry to obtain your Alberta Driver’s License and an Out-of-Province Inspection Form. Once the inspection has been completed you will have to return to the registry with the following documentation in order to register your vehicle:
a. Completed out-of-province inspection form
b. Proof of Alberta auto insurance (liability slip)
c. Vehicle registration from previous province
d. Ensure all parties listed on registration are there to sign

Q: Is sewer back-up automatically covered under my property policy?

A: Sewer back-up/water escape coverage is an option with some insurers so it is prudent to review your policy or speak with your Broker to ensure this coverage is in place. At this time you may also wish to confirm the policy deductible in the event of a loss.

Q: I am building a new home and was wondering when I should put insurance on it?

A: It is imperative that you contact your broker PRIOR to commencing construction as coverage cannot be added during the building process. Course of Construction insurance covers the building through the construction stage and, in most cases, can be converted to a Homeowner’s policy upon completion.


British Columbia (800) 950-1498
Saskatchewan (800) 667-9868
Manitoba (204) 985-1100 (Abstracts)
(800) 665-2410 (Experience)
Ontario (800) 387-3445
Quebec (418) 643-7620
New Brunswick (506) 453-2410
Nova Scotia (902) 424-5851
Prince Edward Island (902) 368-5200
Newfoundland (709) 729-2517
Northwest Territories (867) 873-7406
Yukon (867) 667-5315
Nunavut (867) 975-5382

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