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You never want to be in a position where you have to question your coverage. Choose Plains Insurance today to find the insurance to fit your driving needs.

Locally Trusted

We are committed to offering the best insurance to Edmonton and surrounding areas. We understand the community, and that's why our clients choose us to ensure they have the right coverage.

Total Coverage

Whether you're looking for third-party only, fire and theft, or comprehensive insurance, our policies are flexible to deliver on your expectations.

Respect Regulations

Our policies help you comply to Alberta laws. Maintaining motorcycle insurance is a must for Alberta residents.

Save Money

Our motorcycle insurance options have the potential to bundle with your home and auto insurance. Keep your insurance under one roof and save!

Extra Coverage

At Plains Insurance in Edmonton, we offer additional coverage options, including: emergency roadside assistance, loss of use coverage, and family protection.

Our goal isn't to sell insurance with a one-sized-fits-all mentality. It's to write the insurance quote that is right for you.

By understanding your needs, we are confident we can deliver on our objective to provide you with customized insurance. We will find the policy that makes sense to you, because we understand the needs of people in Edmonton.

Contact us today to start our process. We'll ask you a few questions to get started. This helps us understand exactly what you need to make the insurance process pain-free.


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